My Top Tools for Distance Learning

Jane Hart, C4LPT, published her Top 100 Tools for Learning for 2014 last month ( ), which got me thinking about the tools which are most useful for distance learners. The answer, to some extent, is ‘it depends’. It depends on the nature of the course, and the nature of the learners and their access to technology. It also depends on when you reflect on your answer, because technology is changing rapidly, and so is education in general. One significant… View Article

Class size: what’s best?

 The latest SEDA blog discusses ‘Class Size matters’, one of Graham Gibbs’ 53 Powerful Ideas All Teachers Should Know About ( Graham focuses predominantly on HE, and contends that large class sizes are detrimental, leading to reduced student-teacher interactions, diminished levels of feedback, reduced access to resources, reduced depth of student thinking, and reduced achievement (Gibbs’ own study published in 1996 shows a small but significant drop in grades obtained in class sizes >30) . He attributes many of these… View Article