Electric Sheep Podcast

http://goo.gl/0t8bRR This is a link to the podcast that I did for Electric Sheep ages ago with the fabulous Paul Andrews, Carl Sykes and Elizbeth Jones. There are lots of links to the learning tech resources that we discussed on the show so I thought I would pop it on here  ! Enjoy …Filed under: […] View Article

The DProf Programme at UWTSD

Last week saw the launch of the Wales Institute of Work-Based learning (WIWBL) Doctorate in Professional Practice (DProf) Programme with the first Residential session at the UWTSD Lampeter campus. This is a part-time professional doctorate programme that provides experienced individuals in senior roles with an opportunity to undertake a significant research project situated in their workplaces. Our small first student group included students from Wales and Canada, with tutors mostly from WIWBL and one from the School of Social Justice… View Article

Mentoring in the Workplace

This is a guest post by my UWTSD colleague Dr Rhianon Washington:As human beings we are all hard-wired with a number of instinctive characteristics, which include an innate inclination to nurture.  While we usually associate this everyday form of mentoring with family and friends, it is an activity we also naturally or even unconsciously engage in at work.  Searching your memory will inevitably yield examples of automatically helping or being helped by a colleague; perhaps by showing them the ropes… View Article

The role of collaboration for learning in work-based contexts

Collaborative scenarios such as group-work can be highly beneficial for children’s learning, so long as they are carefully planned (Black & Wiliam, 2001).  Collaboration can help adults learn, too, and this is true of workplace contexts. In terms of learning, human beings can be thought of as a form of ‘human capital’, and individual knowledge and skills provide an important resource – examples might include plumbers and bakers as well as brain surgeons or University Professors! But the value of… View Article