Student Hub Live 15

Really looking forward to this today …. Currently talking about Managing Digital Identity ! Filed under: OU Tagged: #studenthublive15, OU View Article

Yay I found my sketch book …

Was soooo delighted to find my sketch book behind the sofa today with my scribbled notes on the Kerawalla  … Paper on Blogging and Richardson Paper on Student approaches to learning … Piccies here lest I lose it again :) #knewtheyweresomewhere   Also we were asked to reflect on our learner experience of blogging so here […] View Article

Deb is back … sort of

For those that know me well , you may recognise the significance of this little candle and therefore you will know and understand my absence over the last several weeks.  Suffice to say it has been a very difficult few months and I have been kept busy with personal stuff so I haven’t been able to engage […] View Article

Creating a Twitter Question/Revision Bot using Google Sheets

My old colleague at Cetis, David Sherlock, posted a nice little  ‘Twitter Question/Revision Bot’. This uses a .csv file of questions and multiple choice answers which get randomly tweeted out using a Python script. David designed the project with a Raspberry Pi in mind but also highlights it can be easily run on any Unix ...continue reading → View Article

OER15 at Cardiff

Last week, the OER15 conference ( ) took place at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama at Cardiff. It was a fine venue for two days’ discussion of Open Educational Resources (OER), and the conference theme of ‘Mainstreaming Open Education’ (see Twitter hashtag #oer15 ).The event began with a keynote from Cable Green, Director of Global Learning (the slides used in his presentation can be found at: . He raised some key points about current and future… View Article