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Week 2 A1: We participate therefore we are?

Reflections on the webcast by John Seely Brown  http://stadium.open.ac.uk/stadia/preview.php?whichevent=1063&s=31 Your work so far on H800 includes some individual reading, listening and perhaps viewing. Does Brown’s argument imply that this is less valuable than your group work? It is illogical for John Seely Brown to claim that study groups are the “best indicator for success” when […] View Article

Week 1 Activity 4: Generations of information seekers

https://learn2.open.ac.uk/pluginfile.php/1280125/mod_resource/content/1/UCL_Reading_research.pdf What follows starts with a quick exercise to focus your thinking about the Google Generation. Below are four statements about that generation. Two statements have been described as myths by the authors of the study from which the graph is taken: please try to identify those two statements. And, in your view, how accurate […] View Article

Week 1 Activity 3 : How much changed when printing arrived?

Thanks, Gutenberg – but we’re too pressed for time to read http://www.theguardian.com/media/2008/jan/27/internet.pressandpublishing What strikes you as interesting? Mmm … I liked this article … well I did until I tried to look up the link it mentions in to the study by the British Library and researchers at University College London. The link to the study […] View Article

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